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LavasoftThe best program for defending and removing spam and mal-ware is LavaSofts's Ad-aware. It ranked as Downloads most popular download for the past month. Click the picture for a free cleaner, NOW.


Error NukerError Nuker is a powerful utility that will scan the Windows Registry to identify errors and ways to optimize the performance of the Windows Registry. Check your PC now, you might be surprised at how many errors are on your system. Click the picture for an online scan now!




Panda Active ScanIs your PC running slow? Do you think you might have a virus or Trojan hidden on your system? Take the time and use our online virus scanner, it only takes a few minutes to get started but could save your hours in downtime and file recovery. Click on the picture to the left to get started. If a virus is found we recommend getting Panda with Tru Prevent Technologies.



Interested in learning more about virus's? How they work, where they come from and how to stop them? THSS and Panda have provided a training course you can download for free. Click on the picture to the left to download the course.

Below you will find a few other tools and training to help you with any virus problems that you might have. Click on the pictures below.



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